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Local SEO for Your Local Business in Jacksonville

There is more and more talk about local search engine optimization, but many still do not know really what it is. So here is a short and concise explanation of what local SEO is all about and why it is important. Well, also explore on how Google responds to it.

What is local search engine optimization?

Google often shows up local results when there is reason to believe that you are looking for a business in a particular city or region. Local search engine optimization is about being visible when people do local searches. If you are in a big city like New York, London or Stockholm, the probability is great that Google thinks you’re looking for a company in the very city you’re currently located at.

What Google looks for?

When optimizing locally, there are a number of factors that play important roles. Here is a selection of the most important factors for having a successful execution of local SEO services:

1. Inbound links. As with regular search engine optimization, it’s required that you get inbound links to your business and the local Google+ listing for you to be considered credible and popular.

2. Good listing. Have you categorized your business in the right way? A buffet restaurant should be listed under “buffet”. If the restaurant offers Mexican food so, it should also be classified as “Mexican”. Failing to do so would render your local SEO strategy to be ineffective which could leave your business to be still unknown.

3. Number of reviews. How many reviews does your business have? If most of the best restaurants in the city has over 50 reviews and you have only 5, so you will probably not appear in local search results. Try to tell your customers that it is important to leave reviews about your business and ask if they are willing to give feedback about your business on Google+ or any other review site. You should see the reviews as ‘feedback’ whether it is good or bad.

4. Have you added all kinds of images? There are many different types of images that you can add to Google. Some examples would be if you have a restaurant, you may include previews of the restaurant, payment options, business hours, logo, typical meal, etc. The more different types of photos you have, the more that Google would show you up on the search results.

5. Do you use Google Business Photos? By having a virtual tour, people can see exactly how your business looks inside. They can walk around and it feels like they are there or have been there.

Why is local search engine optimization so important?

Sponsored links course also takes up a significant part, while the classic search engine optimization can be seen less and less in the regular search results for commercial search terms. The more commercial and more local a search result is, the higher the significance of local search engine optimization. If your business is in a big city so you should definitely go in to Google+ and create a profile.

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