The Number Of People Moving To Florida Is Increasing

Among the most attractive elements for those who see the state of Florida as a possible destination to live are economic issues, lifestyles, climate, culture and investment possibilities, among other factors. One thousand people a day became Florida residents in the year just completed; the figure indicates the rapid growth of a state that has 20.2 million inhabitants and is listed as the third most populated in the whole nation.


Almost most of the year is sunny, and you can enjoy more than 1,200 miles of beaches that overlook the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The semi-tropical climate provides average temperatures of 76.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives visitors and residents a pleasant stay, both on the mainland and adjacent cays.


The city of Orlando is considered the Mecca of entertainment, there are the most famous amusement parks not only the country but the Continent. Storytelling characters, superheroes and legendary princesses coexist in parks that offer hundreds of attractions and thus employment opportunities for thousands of people. It is interesting to sail the hundreds of cruises that from the more than 14 deep ports of Florida offer fun vacations on the high seas, with stops on private islands and spectacular beaches. Florida has numerous golf courses than any other state, so it is possible to enjoy this and many other sports.


The natural destinations are breathtaking and range from zoos to marine parks, botanical gardens and endemic species reserves like Everglades National Park. Unusual activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, scuba diving, parachuting and observation of migrant birds can be easily performed in many Florida cities.

Taxes and cost of living

The price of living in a Florida city is reasonable when compared to other places in the country like New York or San Francisco, where double is needed. Many moves to Florida to avoid high taxes from other cities. Tribute to residents is not required here, and no one sends an annual check to the Tallahassee government because the state income tax is non-existent, which does not mean that federal income tax and property taxes are not due.


Ten teams and a dozen minor leagues and collegiate, professional sports teams make Florida an area of sports fans. Here are some of the best teams in the country like the Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, Orlando City Soccer Leones and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Real Estate

In Florida, there is an availability of housing that adapts to the most different budgets and lifestyles of people. They stand out for their high demand and affordable cities like Orlando, Jacksonville and the Treasure Coast. In many alliances, it is permissible to access at the same time a golf course or tennis, a marina and the beach. The lovers of the sea have houses in Florida for the possibility of having only a few steps which anchored their yacht or boat.  On the other hand, it is very easy to move there because there are a lot of moving companies with different types such as apartment movers, furniture movers and the like. Contacting movers Jacksonville, FL is very essential to have a smooth move in Florida.

Investments and finances

Miami is the largest foreign investment market in the country, as it is one of the most major financial centers in the United States. It has a presence of 1,200 multinationals from 56 nations and more than 100 binational consulates and trade chambers. Although the economy is geared to services, many of Florida’s business income is due to investment opportunities in a market full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Only the city of Miami has the largest concentration of international banks in the United States.

Art and culture

Throughout the year there are concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, carnivals and art shows that welcome internationally recognized artists. The mix of different nationalities offers a diverse range of cultures, foods, and rhythms. This is why enriching events such as painting, music, sculpture, theater, etc.


Florida is one of the least aggressive and violent places in the country with statistics that offer some tranquility to its inhabitants. The odds of them were stealing your home estimated to be 1 in 31, and the chances of you being a violent crime victim are 1 for every 205 people who reside in the state.

Health and Education

Florida is the fourth largest school district in the United States, with a significant number of class A schools. This state has the first place with the least bullying in the country, and colleges and universities of worldwide recognition. It has a sanitary system of outstanding hospitals, among them the Jackson Memorial, one of the main in the USA. And Miami Children’s Hospital ranked as the country’s top pediatric hospital.

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