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Tips for Traveling in Jacksonville Minus The Back Pain

When we are traveling, the load in the back a little bit different compared to what it used to deal with. On the one hand we are lagging most of the time around the heavy luggage, and secondly, we become easily sedentary while on a flight or in the stretch run in the car. Changes that can cause back pain which can make your whole experience terrible. Orange Park chiropractic can help you get back in shape but aside from that, here are some travel tips you can take note.

Manage packing when traveling

Lift the luggage – If you are going to pick up your luggage above the seats on the plane and train as a way to avoid back pain, you can split the lift into several smaller parts. A first step could be to set it on the armrest or the seat than on the edge of the backrest and end up in the rear shelf. Lifting with your legs gives back muscles a better opportunity to stabilize and protect the spine.

Never twist and lift – one of the most common ways to injure your back or give himself is lifting and turning simultaneously. IF it is too crowded and dense, it is better to put the weight on the front part of the foot thereby turning the foot and instead of doing the twist in the back.

Avoid lifting – Do you know that if you have a weak back, your are more susceptible to back pains. So, it may be great to ask someone else to lift the bag for you. In my case, I visit the chiropractic near me to help me get a stronger posture and back.

Pack lightly – Try to minimize what you would take. A full empty shampoo bottle may not be needed. You can try to empty the contents into smaller packages provide a large difference in the weight of the bag.

Use multiple bags – If possible, it might be a good idea to divide the luggage in several cases, to reduce the weight of the lift of the bags. You can combine different types of bags with their advantages, trolley bags, and backpacks.

Use a backpack – part of the packaging can be easy to carry in a backpack. Depending on how you travel, a backpack is the best option for hand luggage. Depending on the destination, you can use the bag as an alternative to both the cabin and the main luggage. There are also some handbags that easily can be connected, so they become like a backpack. The weight of the backpack should be limited to between 10-15% of body weight. If you have a sore back, maybe even that’s too much.

Tips for managing pain

Cold compress – a way to break the pain signals is to create stimuli stronger than the pain is which we can find out more on theĀ Gate Control Theory. What happens in the nervous system is that the coldness would send new messages and begin to displace the pain. The disadvantage of cooling is that it can make both the muscles that lead a little stiffer.

Heat compress – another way to break the pain signals is to add heat in the form of heat patches, hot water or heat bags. The pain can be dampened probably in some way similar to cold compress but the significant advantage that the muscles are not as rigid as in cooling.

Applying liniment – Liniment is a bit the same spirit as the heat and cold, they may also have compositions that provide heat or cold to the area lubricated. Some liniments can have an intense burning sensation on the skin when applied which can create yet another variant of signals to try to block the pain. If you have allergies, you should be careful the first time you try a liniment by doing a test.

If you still feel pained after all these methods, a quick trip to the best chiropractor Jacksonville FL has in store will do wonders!

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